Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Lady Jambalaya was born and raised in Tickfaw, Louisiana.

She was raised by her grandparents, Madea and Papa. Madea. Lady Jambalaya began learning how to cook under Madea’s tutelage.

By the age of five, Lady Jambalaya began showing interest in cooking; she followed Madea around the kitchen as she prepared meals for her (large) family. By the time she turned seven, Madea gave Lady Jambalaya her first chance at the stove. Of course, under Madea’s close supervision.

Lady Jambalaya burnt everything she cooked. It was her first week at the stove. Madea reminded her granddaughter “to be a perfect cook, it is important to watch and learn from those who do it so well”. Always beside Madea, Lady Jambalaya continued to watch and learn, but impatiently. Soon, Lady Jambalaya will get another turn at the stove. While she cooked, Madea watched and provided guidance. In time, practice became perfect.

Lady Jambalaya began cooking for her large family. Uncles, aunts, cousins, church friends and neighbors delighted in partaking in consuming meals by this remarkable seven-year-old. They will soon call her, Lady Jambalaya. And cooked, she did.

Almost forty years later, family and friends continue to enjoy Lady Jambalaya’s Wild Cajun Meals. She mastered her cooking skills during humble beginnings in Louisiana.Now, Lady Jambalaya shares her culinary delights with the world, from her kitchen in the Great State of Texas.


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